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Bebe’s a Press favorite already!

Siddarth Monday, September 13, 2010
There hasn’t been a transfer in recent years to United that the press has loved as much as us signing Bebe, They have been circling around Bebe like a bunch of vultures waiting for the young Portuguese to fail so they can finally have a chance at saying “HA! You got it wrong Fergie!!”

His transfer to United was one of the most unexpected deals of the summer, a player who hardly any fan or member of the English press had heard of prior to him signing for United,slowly his past and other news about him kept emerging, and also how he had been playing in a division 3 club in Portugal four weeks prior to the transfer, and finally Sir Alex’s admittance that he had never seen Bebe play.

That was all the press needed to jump at the youngster, they started with rumors circulating that he wasn’t impressing in training in his first few days at the club (Shocking, considering that he’s lived his whole life at a homeless shelter and Old Trafford was a such a small step up from where was previously), and then this was soon followed by his nonappearance fin a reserves fixture that the press took to be a rejection of the player’s ability by the manager! And then more comedy as some papers made more noise over nothing when he missed the next reserve’s fixture not realizing that Bebe was actually away on duty with the Portugal U-21 team.

Bebe’s career might have gotten an inauspicious start at United thanks to the press but his performances with Portugal U-21’s did shut quite a few of them up. His display showed that he was clearly very talented and Fergie had done right by trusting his scouts. Bebe has a great change of pace and is very quick for a guy of his physique, one on one he showed that he could get past his marker with ease, but at the same time he needs to work on the tactical side of his game, his positioning and movement needs to improve but given space to run into he is a handful for any defender. With time Bebe will surely be a good player at least.

Having being included in the Champions League squad for the season, he’s sure to get some action soon, this week’s fixture against Rangers might be a bit too soon for the lad, but the League Cup fixture against Scunthorpe seems a perfect chance for him kick start his United career.

Bebe still has a long way to go before he can establish himself in the club but so far he looks a very promising player and much to the disappointment to his “friends” in the press, he might just come good and follow in the steps of Ronaldo and Nani to become a success at United.


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