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He's no walk in the Park!

Siddarth Sunday, September 26, 2010
He may not be the most highly rated player at Manchester United, but he’s a national icon back in South Korea, the most successful Asian footballer in England, and the first Asian to captain Manchester United, he’s also one of the most under rated players at the club.

Having joined United from PSV Eindhoven in 2005 in a 4 million deal; it was reportedly he had been scouted by United for over a year on a mind boggling 100 different occasions before Sir Alex finally signed the Korean. Park was a big success with the PSV fans who often sang about him from the stands yet his signing was considered to be a publicity deal to market United in Asia. But Park isn’t content with just being a passenger and since has more than proved his worth.

Park has been widely criticized as being a paper chaser who offered nothing to the team in attack, quite an unjust criticism of the guy. His game doesn’t involve creating chances from nothing or providing a spark, he is a player who works hard on the pitch and gives 110% every game he plays.

Park always has struggled in games where teams shut up shop and park the bus in front of goal. United have to break them down and expecting Park to be the one who does so isn’t the smartest thing but when United are up against big teams, who will attack and the game is free flowing and open, that is when Park’s true worth is shown. He has great movement with the ball, and makes excellent runs, his work ethic and energy make him an asset for any team.

Last season’s champions league game against A.C Milan at home is the perfect example of how his hard work pays off as he single handedly made Andrea Pirlo an anonymous entity in the game with his excellent marking and closing down.

Park’s professionalism must be commended too; he may not be the first name on the team sheet or even the second or third but he’s the last one you would expect to complain to the media about it. He’s a great role model for youngsters to look up to and learn from as well as a vital cog in Sir Alex’s well-oiled machine that Is Manchester United and it’s foolish to think he’s here just to sell shirts!

Park Ji-Sung has done more than enough to prove he’s an important player for the team and it’s a pity that people still doubt his ability and what he can contribute to the team just because of one or two poor performances. Park’s dynamism, vitality and fearlessness add a dimension to his game that most other players lack and we must appreciate him for who he is!

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DeviledSpam said...

Park is a valuable player coming OFF the BENCH. Yes, he annoys the hell out opposition but he wanders too far out of position, especially when on the wing, leaving plenty space for an attack. He has great work ethic & is a dogged player but that + the occasional goal & running around like a headless chicken doesn't justify him starting matches ahead of more skillful & quick players. I cringe when I see him on the wings but SAF likes him. So, wtfeva.

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