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Match Preview: Manchester United vs Liverpool: A Liverpool fan's match preview

Siddarth Saturday, September 18, 2010
This is the second part in our look ahead to the Manchester United vs Liverpool match.
Part 1 was all Manchester United, now it’s all about Liverpool.

Who better to do a preview on Liverpool than a Scouser, so I hunted out my good friend Srinath for his views on Liverpool post-Rafa, their transfer activity this summer and also his predictions on the game.

Sid: I'll let introduce you introduce yourself to the readers. also how long have you been supporting Liverpool?
Sri: Hey, I'm Srinath, I'm currently studying in Bangalore, doing my degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been a Liverpool fan for almost 9 years I'd say, followed them since I was 11. I watched my first Liverpool game in 2001 I believe.

Sid: So what is your opinion of Roy Hodgson, right person to replace Rafa? And what do you make of Rafa's regime at Anfield?
Sri: Rafa was a great manager for us, especially considering where we were when he came in, his reign can't be called a failure or a success to be honest, too many high's and low's during that period. The Istanbul final and the FA cup in 2006 were probably the best it got. The only problem I had with Rafa would be his transfer dealings. We, as admitted by Roy have the biggest squad in the premiership, and also did so last year, by a mile. It was basically a collection of a few class players, a handful of good ones and the rest were just mediocre. About Roy, I thought it would have been better to give the job to Daglish, especially since he wanted in. But Roy isn't a bad manager either, he can bring stability to the club and I like how he handles the media with his calm and collected demeanor.

Sid: Liverpool have got in quite a few players over the summer, who you forward to most? We Also saw a lot of departures from Anfield too, who are gonna be badly missed?
Sri: It's been an interesting summer, given we had no money to spend, Among those who we got I think Raul Meireles looks to be a great buy, he offers a lot both defensively and going forward, good passer and quite creative, he'll be a hit at Anfield for sure! We also brought in 3 great youngsters in Wilson, Shelvey and Suso, who has been a revelation, he’s only 16 but he’s been on fire with the reserves, really looking forward to them coming through this season.
Among Departures, I was sad to see Aquilani go without getting an opportunity this season. Benayoun was the one I think we'll miss a lot; he scored several key goals last season. Great coming off the bench too; As for Mascherano, I for one am glad he left, we have Lucas who can step in, also now Poulsen and Meireles, was really disappointed by Mascherano when he said he won't play for us against City.

Sid: Back to the main Topic, Liverpool are coming to Old Trafford this weekend, do you think Liverpool can improve on last season's showing? Who are the players United should watch out for? And finally what is the starting XI one can expect from Liverpool?
Sri: Liverpool had an impressive second half against Steaua Bucaresti. Most of the media glare is upon Torres and his fitness level; it’ll be interesting how he copes against Vidic. Hopefully he can do run circles around Vidic like he’s done so many times before. Roy will mostly go into the game looking for a draw and i think he can get a draw from it.

Sid: Before I let you go, you are an ardent follower of Liverpool Youth and Reserve team, what do you make of Roy's recent comments of Liverpool being over staffed? Are there really too many mediocre reserve players??
Sri: Like I said earlier, Liverpool has unfortunately started accumulating too many mediocre players, thus affecting even those who could have come good. The likes of Nemeth, Plesis, El Zhar, etc have good potential, but as they near 20, they require lots of game time, which they won't get a lot of with the reserves. Perfect examples of this would be Jack Hobbs, Florent Sinama Pongolle, Anthony Le Tallec and Antonio Barragan, they had to leave the club as they were not getting any game time at all, even though I feel at least Hobbs might have made a good player.

Final Score: 0 - 0

Probable starting XI:
Reina; Johnson, Carra, Agger, Konchesky; Poulsen, Lucas; Cole, Gerrard, Jovanovic; Torres.
In a 4-2-3-1 formation

One to Watch: Glen Johnson.

Sid: Thanks a lot for your insight on Liverpool mate, wish you all the best for Sunday's game, and I think Liverpool are gonna need it!

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