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Why Bebe?!?

Siddarth Friday, September 17, 2010
In a previous article on the blog, I had mentioned how much the Press loved Bebe, and well yesterday’s game against Aston Villa Reserves was a chance for them to continue to do so. And on cue they provided us with an encore!

Even though the reserves did lose that game 4-1, the performances of 3 players did stand out, namely, De Laet, Obertan and Bebe. Surprisingly, the papers decided to catch hold of only Bebe’s performance, and declare it a flop even though he was one of the better players on the day and incredulously decided to pin the blame for the loss on him.

Did the press notice something everyone else didn’t see? Maybe they saw some parts of the game which we all have seemed to have forgotten. For I certainly didn’t see anything to suggest that Bebe was at fault for any goals we conceded.

Bebe put in a good shift yesterday night, against a very good Aston Villa reserves, He put in some good crosses and looked dangerous on the wing, he showed great pace and good ball control. He has the potential for sure, and with time, he’s sure to turn out to be an excellent winger. He and Obertan looked very dangerous on the wings and this was a positive performance by the duo given our urgent need for a winger to step in for Valencia.

It’s a shame that certain quarters in the press seem to be obsessed with slating Bebe, is it his fault that no-one knew him before he joined united? Is it his fault that he cost 7 million? Shocking that they have formed a biased opinion of the lad even before he’s settled in at the club and make his actual first team debut!

It won’t be surprising if, when Bebe establishes himself to be a good player at United, it’ll be the same hypocritical papers who’ll be singing praises of Bebe, hailing him to be the next Ronaldo or Figo or whatever! It’s plain how desperate the press is to take an indirect stab at Sir Alex, but it’s pathetic that they choose a youngster who is just beginning his professional career to do so!


deviledspam said...

Its actually good these players don't speak/read English. It saves from all the nasty press surrounding them. Too bad Chicarito can't say the same.

Hamsy said...

I just can't wait when Bebe becomes a superstar. All those critics will be proven wrong.

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