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Wings – Valencia = Problems!!

Siddarth Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Tuesday couldn’t have ended on a sourer note for us United fans, first a disappointing performance from the team and then confirmation of what everyone feared, Valencia’s season was most likely over!!

He unfortunately caught his toe in the turf while trying to get past Kirk Broadfoot, and seemed to have dislocated his ankle in the process, the pain was immediately clear to see on his face! And this also sadly means that United will have to play for most of this season at least without Antonio, However this also offers Nani a chance to play as right winger regularly, but the worry begins when we start look for options down the left flank?

Giggsy for one can’t play there every game, especially as a winger, he might be able to put in a shift there once in a while but every week is too much to ask of him though. That leaves United with Park Ji-Sung, Gabriel Obertan and Bebe, there has been a lot of noise about getting Cleverley back from loan, but is Cleverley really best suited for the wings? And its very unlikely we'll recall him just after loaning him out 2 weeks ago.

From the players most likely to step in at the moment, we have

Park, He isn’t the best option if one needs to break down stubborn defenses or teams that are making sure they don’t lose the game at least. His work ethic and closing down make him an ideal player to play against the bigger teams in open, free flowing games. He has great movement and does chip in with important goals in the big games. But in difficult situations, he does lack the creativity and the ability to do produce a stunning moment of magic and break the deadlock.

Bebe, who is still a mystery to many of us, having watched him against England U-21’s and Macedonia U-21’s it was clear that he is very talented but needs to improve a lot of facets of his game before he can really make an impact. Given space to run at players he can wreak havoc, with his great pace and ball control, his crosses are pretty decent too, He has a good physical presence but doesn’t seem to be able to use it to his advantage, clearly showing when he was playing as the lone striker against England U-21’s. But with time and training under Fergie’s watchful eye, by next year I’m sure we’ll have an excellent player.
And finally Obertan, a player I really like, He was very erratic and inconsistent last season and also plagued with Injuries, but this year in the Pre-Season he was impressive and looked to be on the right track until he got injured, and has since been off the radar, he seems to have finally returned to training recently, and this might be his chance to stake a claim at a first team place.

Obertan has great potential, it is clear to see, with his brilliant ball control and the ease with which he gets past opposition players is a joy to watch. But he needs to work on his final ball and also his positional play, hopefully Obertan takes this chance and rises to the occasion, moments like the one against Wolfsburg are the ones worth waiting for! Hope it’s not a very long wait though!!

I hope Valencia recovers soon, and comes back as good he was now. Even though I know it’ll be very difficult to find someone good enough to step in for him immediately, I’m hoping that one these players can help ease the pain of losing Tony for the season.


Anonymous said...

a bad injury to valencia.. looked bad..
this may be a blessing in disguise to manu..
fergie should revert to 4-3-3 now..
rooney and nani playing around barba can be devastating..
this can even lead to chances being given to anderson.. but nani has never been effective in a single striker formation..
and scholes' passing wont be useful coz there will be 3 players in front of him rather than 4 in a 4-4-2..
if fergie reverts to 4-3-3 anderson will be very very influential.
and change the bckgrnd color da... grey is bad..

Anonymous said...

Ando does seem to play best in a 3 man midfield

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