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Be gone with the Traitor!!

Siddarth Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Well by now the title for the most hated Manchester United player has surely got to go to Wayne Rooney, his betrayal hurts for several reasons, The news is a low blow to every Manchester United fan in the world, none of us could have ever dreamt it even in our worst nightmares that Wazza would become a turncoat and betray the millions of fans who adored and idolized him!

From Sir Alex’s press conference it’s clear that Wayne had decided to leave the club even before the season had begun! It’s infuriating that he then casually went on with life as if nothing had happened, he is shameless enough to ditch the club and the fans that stood by him and supported him when news broke that he had cheated on his wife with a prostitute. To make matters worse, he then tried to malign Sir Alex by claiming he was never injured and that Sir Alex was actually trying to chase him out of the club!

Had Rooney actually come out and said he wanted to leave the club and graciously accepted that it was his decision not anyone forcing him, then we could have been more forgiving, but the games that he played prior to Sir Alex’s revelations were shocking! His attempt to make Sir Alex the villain in the entire saga failed miserably as no one could have anticipated Sir Alex to be so brutally honest and straight forward in his press conference today. He stunned the footballing world when he told the truth behind all those nasty rumors circulating in the press.

Sir Alex’s move now puts the ball in Wayne’s court, with the truth out; we’ll surely see damage control measures from his agent, I’m sure they’ll be denials that they never rejected contract talks and also stories on how Manchester United were not offering a good deal, etc. But one thing is for sure, if I were Wayne Rooney, I’d stay away from Manchester United fans for the next few days at least. Rooney’s antics make me look at Cristiano Ronaldo with new admiration, for all his arrogance, he was at least honest enough to say that he wanted to join Madrid!

As my anger simmers down a bit, I realize that we haven’t really missed Rooney much this season, well mainly because he’s been a flop so far when he’s played! Considering that he hasn’t scored a goal from open play yet we have managed to bang in quite a few goals, With Berbatov seemingly back to his best and Hernandez & Macheda waiting for a chance, his exodus from Old Trafford might not be as big a blow as the media are making it seem.

Rooney or not, Manchester United will continue to be the best and he can’t do a damn thing about it!

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Tim Merrick said...

Does the best mean 3rd in the league? Too funny...besides...your problems are defending.

Anonymous said...

@Wayne Rooney........ United will move on with or without you. If you do move, it will be you who lives to regret it.

Anonymous said...

m gutted 2 say the least..... the timing couldnt hav been ny perfect.....waitin 2 c every1's reaction i mean the fans when he plays(if he is fit!!)

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