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Future of United's midfield?

Siddarth Thursday, October 7, 2010
Over the years several players have graduated from our famed academy, many of whom have gone on to establish themselves at various levels of professional football, several of them are playing regularly at top tier of various leagues.

We currently have several starlets emerging from the academy, who look very promising. One of them who has caught the eye off late is Norwegian, Magnus Eikrem, best described as a playmaker. The Norwegian youngster, who joined United in summer of 2006 from FK Molde after he was spotted at Ole Gunnar Solksjaer’s soccer school, has been in scintillating form since the start of last season producing several impressive performances for the reserves.

Eikrem’s start in the academy was initially slow but his improvements and growth to the player he is now has been phenomenal. Eikrem was a regular in the reserves by the 2008-09 season and has since continued to progress steadily and has now risen to the position of the captain for the reserves. Only 20, Eikrem’s career as a professional footballer has only just begun. He is easily the most potent attacking threat that the united reserves possess at the moment; his consistency over the last 2-3 seasons has been incredible, a mark of a dependable player.

Eikrem is essentially a playmaker; his style of play is comparable to the likes of Luka Modric. Eikrem is a very creative player with an impressive passing repertoire and great movement on and off the ball; he should thrive when played in a free midfield role and allowed to roam. An added bonus to his arsenal is his proficiency at taking set pieces and a decent long shot. He’s attributes make him an excellent playmaker, but his physique isn’t the most imposing, but being an intelligent player he should be able to get around that.

It might be too early to claim Eikrem will make the cut at Old Trafford, and also it would be very silly to label as the successor to any player in the team, but with Paul Scholes retirement in the near future, Magnus might get a chance to make a mark in the first team. Eikrem’s attributes make him an ideal candidate to step in for Paul Scholes. But he does lack first team experience when compared to other youngsters competing to get a look in; the likes of Matty James, Daniel Drinkwater and Tom Cleverley already have experience of playing regularly at a higher level.

It would be ideal that Eikrem gets some playing time, and the upcoming game against Wolves in the Carling Cup would be an ideal opportunity for him to show his skills. He should though ideally look for a loan to a championship club at least for the remainder of this season so that he can get some experience.

I hope Eikrem does get his chance at Old Trafford, I believe he can offer much more to the first team than Darron Gibson might and hopefully Sir Alex realizes that in Eikrem he has a midfielder who is totally different from the midfielders currently at the club. I’d rather have Eikrem given a chance than spend many millions to buy someone, though many would prefer to have a superstar signed for obscene amounts of money. It is sometimes much more fun and pleasing to see a player from the youth ranks step in and show that he might just be worth as much!

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DeviledSpam said...

Well, I don't know much about him but on SEA forum, we've talked about being in transition. I'm totally for that this season & want 2 see more deserving reserve players get more playX. We need 2 wing off Giggsy, Scholes & VDS.

Hamsy K said...

I really admire him. His performance against Bolton was superb! One question though, in previous seasons , Corry Evans was the captain of the reserves and now its Eikrem? Wad happened?

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