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Was the performance against West Brom really bad??

Siddarth Sunday, October 17, 2010
Having finally calmed down after a good night’s sleep, I finally was able to give yesterday’s result against the Baggies a good think; surprisingly I wasn’t as upset as I was yesterday! Yes we did drop 2 points, but were we really that bad? Bad as we were against Sunderland or Bolton??

The game for me hinged on two key moments, one was the injury to Ryan Giggs, which led to Darron Gibson’s introduction, our worst player on the night. The second was the substitution of Carrick and Anderson, both of whom had been very good, especially Carrick; he was thriving as the Deep lying playmaker, controlling the midfield. Rooney and Scholesy’s introduction seemed inevitable, but removing Carrick turned the game to West Brom’s favor as they started to dominate in midfield almost immediately. Another concern was that we had no winger on the Bench, Gabriel Obertan seems to have unfortunately gotten on Sir Alex’s bad side, I can’t see any other reason why he wasn’t on the bench.

Were we defensively bad?I don’t think so,  I feel we were pretty good, Rio and Vidic were solid, Evra and Rafael were also good, both in attack and defense. The goals scored by WBA was just bad luck for us on the first occasion, an excellent free kick by Brunt, that once it got past the wall could have gone anywhere, Evra’s deflection didn’t help. While the second was a mistake, a one-off blunder by Edwin, I don’t think I have seen Edwin make such a mistake since his 1st or 2nd season at united, and i doubt we will see it again either.

People may think I’m looking for a chance to take a shot at him but I think Darron Gibson’s performance yesterday justifies the criticism I’m about to give him. I’m not his biggest fan and continue with my stance that he just isn’t good enough to play for United. His introduction ruined the balance of the team, and to make things worse, his positive contributions for the rest of the game was zero, he was mostly invisible for the entirety of the match, when he did make an occasional appearance he made sure that he dawdled on the ball for an eternity, giving WBA players sufficient time to borrow the ball back from him! The only reason he stayed on the pitch when Scholesy and Rooney came on was that it would have shattered his confidence if Fergie had taken him off!! I hope his performance gives Fergie food for thought, it’s about time more talented players, who have more to their game than short passes and long range shots, are given a chance. It’s sad to see players like Eikrem waiting for a chance when he clearly offers more to the team than Gibson.

Our attacking performance for almost 70 minutes of the game was brilliant, pure class. Berbatov and Hernandez worked well in tandem; Nani looked Ronaldo-esque, making excellent runs, getting past defenders, running at them with the ball, he was just a terror to the WBA defense. Behind them, Anderson and Carrick were making excellent passes and controlling the game, while Evra spent most of the second half as our winger as he attacked from the left. It was an attacking display that if we hadn’t conceded the goals would have been lauded as world class and brilliant. It just wasn’t meant to be our night i guess. Chelsea’s result against Villa softened the blow a bit, so a lot to look forward to in the mid-week game against Bursaspor.

This result was just a blip, any criticism of the entire team’s performance is unjustified, and we played well, deserved to get all 3 points. Any other day I’m sure we’d have come away with 3 points comfortably, but credit must be given to West Brom, who showed excellent determination at 2-0 down to come back into the game, and then try to go for a win in the last 10-20 minutes, any other team, similar to them, in their position would have sat back and tried to defend. Too early to start predicting the end of the world, The season has just begun and I’m sure all the other teams will also go through similar phases, just a matter of time before we get into a groove, winning is in everyone’s blood at Old Trafford and I don’t think with Fergie around it’s going to get diluted!

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philgatt said...

Having read this post, I feel calmer and slightly better too.

Sir Alex needs to sort the slight problems quick, before United lose more ground, hopefully that will be soon.

As for Gibson's inclusion, it would have been much better to get Scholes on instead of Giggs.

Oh well, look forward to Bursaspor game, and hope it all comes good.

DeviledSpam said...

The performance was well especially midfield until Giggsy injury & the mistake of putting on Gibson & disrupting midfield flow. When Ando & Carrick came off it became worse but we still attacked. Break down in formation, lucky goals & lack of concentration ultimately did us in. 2 goals is never a score 2 become complacent with. Especially after teams have witnessed UTD break under pressure in 2nd half w/ this scoreline, teams know they can push & cause UTD mistakes. We have some discipline issues that need 2 be addressed & I think it stems from training of lack of quality there of. Change is needed & I for one want 2 see some training sessions of UTD b/c I don't think it may be rigorous enough. One thing I say of LaLiga. They make their players train 2 match the level of play expected. That's not done in the EPL which is probably why we see so many sloppy challenges. EPL players look like they just left the pub while Laliga players look like they just left the gym.

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