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A Day to forget!!

Sid Saturday, November 13, 2010

The only way to describe today’s performance against Villa is Horrendous!! We were simply not in the game for almost 80 minutes. We were outplayed for most of the game, especially for most of the second half, and we came away from Villa Park with a lucky point and Villa dropped two points!

No one would have thought that a team whose midfield had fewer premier League appearances put together than most players in our team would dominate a game, yet we were outplayed and bossed by a bunch of 20 year Old’s, a very frustrating sight for any fan. It would be silly to point fingers at a single player; the entire team must be blamed for what is a performance that is not associated with a team as good as Manchester United.

The first 45 minutes of the game was pretty much a boring affair, as we struggled to settle in, especially in midfield, as we kept missing passes. Villa’s tactic of closing down every player on the pitch was working really well, as we were never really given time to settle in and also no time on the ball. Especially with the pace of their front two and the wingers, it was a nightmare even for Edwin to keep the ball. But neither team was able to get a good goal scoring chance in this half, as it was a very scruffy affair.

The 2nd half was a terrible performance that saw us on the back foot for most of the half. Downing kept whipping in sublime crosses, while Albrighton was a constant trouble down their right wing and deservedly scored. Our midfield duo of Carrick and Fletcher were just struggling to impose themselves in a game that they should have been running from midfield.  Villa deservedly scored two goals, and shockingly we needed this to happen to realize that we could score too!

The introduction of Macheda and Obertan seemed to tilt the match back in our advantage, and though we did go on to score two excellent goals, and snatch a point from the jaws of defeat, it’s time we look at why the team needs to be staring at defeat before realizing that there exists an extra gear that they can reach?

The same occurred against Wolves, where we needed Wolves to equalize before we sprang back to life and showed signs of what the team was really capable of in the last minutes of that game. We did the same here too; we showed an urgency to get back into the game, a desire to win. But had we played like this earlier is it not possible that we might have come away with all 3 points?

The team’s determination must be given credit for going at it till the last whistle and getting us a point from the fixture, but also we were outplayed by a weak Villa team who were missing so many first teamers! The performance today leaves a lot to be desired and given the quality of players on the pitch, it was just a case of every single one of them having a terrible game.

Villa deserved to get all 3 points and the result was very harsh on them. Luckily we have a week to sort the team out, and hopefully we won’t to see a repeat of such a performance ever again! Because slip up’s like this will just keep pushing the title towards Chelsea!!

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