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Fergie does it again!!

Sid Monday, December 27, 2010

By the end of last season most people had written off Anderson. He was struggling to perform well on a consistent basis and then in January of this year he defied Sir Alex by flying back home to Brazil without permission from the club, after which he suffered a serious injury when he ruptured a cruciate ligament in his left knee, ruling him out for the rest of the season, and then this summer he was involved in a car crash in Portugal. Anderson’s woes seemed to never end!

He made his eventual comeback to the first team in the last few months having finally recovered from his injury. Since then, Ando has been steadily improving with every game that he’s played and is surely now the first choice in midfield. Driving the team forward in attack and also contributing in defense, Ando’s been transformed as a player, and is finally showing the potential that first caught Sir Alex’s attention when he was at Porto.

At one time it seemed that Ando was really on his way out of the club, especially this summer when he was constantly linked with several clubs abroad but Sir Alex stuck with Ando and gave him another chance to prove himself, and Anderson’s grabbed this chance with both hands. Ando’s resurgence brings back memories of the similar story with Nani, who went from a player certain to leave the club to one of the best wingers in the country in a matter of months.

Anderson’s biggest flaw in the past had been his inability to perform well in a 2 man midfield, the only time he did impress was when he played alongside Hargo during his first season at the club. Anderson rarely tracked back and helped out the defense thus causing an imbalance in midfield when the team didn’t have possession. But now Anderson seems to be showing that he’s much more inclined to contribute to the team effort. He’s been tracking back and covering opposition players, an indication of this is the number of important interceptions he makes during a game now.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that Anderson is playing so well, he clearly had the talent to make it big but there were always question marks over his desire and attitude. But all of that seems a thing of the past as he’s stepped into the void that Scholesy absence may create in midfield and has blended in seamlessly. Since Ando’s return, Scholesy’s absence has been hardly felt; Anderson has taken up the role of the creator in midfield, a role that Carrick/Fletcher failed to succeed in.

Other than Anderson’s passing, he has a great gift of making runs from midfield, deceiving opposition players with a sudden burst of pace, enabling him to get past them. If he can work on improving his shooting and goal scoring then there isn’t much stopping Ando from becoming one of the best attacking midfielders in the world!

Sir Alex must be given credit for Anderson’s revival, he stuck with him when he going through a rough patch and gave him sufficient time to fully recover and also opportunities to prove himself, and he did just that. If Anderson can continue to build on his performances like Nani did last season, then it isn’t farfetched to think that we are possibly looking at the player who will be Scholesy’s successor.

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