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A Silver lining to the defeat

Sid Friday, December 3, 2010

Tuesday saw the end of our 29 game unbeaten run with a very humbling 4-0 defeat at the hands of relegation candidates West Ham. It was a performance to forget and except for a few brief periods in the game we never looked like we were going to get anything from the fixture. West Ham thoroughly deserved their win and unfortunately we weren’t able to match up with them!

Not surprisingly, Sir Alex made 10 changes to the team, and it was far from a full strength team that played against the Hammers but still the nature of the defeat is what peeves the fans as we expected to see more grit and fight from players wearing the red of Manchester United!

But I do not agree wholly with the youngsters having to bear most of the criticism from the fans for the defeat, the fact is most of them hardly play regularly in the first team, and do not have much match experience, so to expect them to play at their best against a determined West Ham team, in a very hostile Upton Park is a daunting task for any youngster and unfortunately we were undone on this occasion. For me, most of the blame must be borne by the seniors who played that night, the experience and guidance from them is what the less experienced players on the pitch needed but even they unable to rise up to the occasion. Especially the likes of John O’Shea, Darren Fletcher failed to inspire confidence in the younger players, as they struggled to get into the game.

Darren looked very rusty and hardly made an impact in midfield as Anderson seemed to be doing most of the work and this showed as Ando seemed to be tired towards the end of the game. While John O’Shea continued his miserable form from the start of the season, with what could be his worst performance in a United jersey. Though Fabio was substituted, I think he performed better on the night and doesn’t deserve the criticism coming his way. People seem to forget that just 7 days ago we were all drooling over Fabio and how good he was, but one bad game seems to be enough to erase all the good work done before!

The defeat though hard to swallow might have come at the right time, and in the right competition, though I enjoy watching the Carling Cup, but the losing it isn’t such a big, there’s always the FA cup to focus on. It’s good this defeat didn’t take place in the league, as it could have proved costly in the title race! Complacency was one of the reasons we lost against West Ham, with the 29 game unbeaten streak over our heads, it’s very easy to consider that the players were complacent since we were facing a team 19 places below us in the premiership. As Sir Alex himself said, this defeat would have taught the youngsters an important lesson, never underestimate an opponent, something no win can teach.

It might be too early to jump to conclusions that the youngsters aren’t good enough, etc. but they deserve more opportunities to prove themselves than just one game?!  Some of them might be suffering from a lack of form, or maybe just having an off day but that doesn’t mean they are bad, or aren’t good enough! It’s time we move on from this defeat, and look forward to the Premier League.  I think it’s apt that I end this article with a proverb

“Success builds character, failure reveals it”


Abhinav said...

great to know that even you see this result in a positive light rather than creating a hoopla over the subject whether United's kids are good enough or not... every team has bad days & this one was just that... Well written mate!!!


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