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Stick with Jonny

Sid Monday, December 6, 2010

Jonny Evans ended last season being hailed the ‘Future of Manchester United’, he was one of the reasons we managed to finish the season only one point behind Chelsea. With Rio being absent for the majority of the season, Jonny and Vidic had formed a formidable pair at the back, making the loss of Rio not really a big problem. But then who would have thought that 4 months into the new season that people would be asking for Jonny to be sold, and questioning his ability too!

To say he hasn’t deserved criticism would be wrong, he has had a poor season so far, and he resembles a shadow of the player who was considered one of the brightest defensive prospects in England last season. He started this season alongside Vidic but struggled in most of the games he played, as United uncharacteristically were leaking goals and dropping points against opposition we should have beaten comfortably. More recently, Evans was directly responsible for 3 goals in the last two games he played. He was overpowered and out jumped by Christopher Samba, when Samba scored the consolation goal for Blackburn, and then in the Carling Cup he was responsible for the last two goals scored by the Hammers in the 4-0 defeat.

Evans's slide in form comes as a surprise to everyone, his struggle against physical opponents, and an inability to win an aerial duel is startling considering that how good he was in the previous season, with his strength and aerial ability being among his best qualities! But then a lack of confidence can turn even the best players into wrecks, perfect example is Nani, who took a long time to get settled but once he had the confidence in his game, he was a totally different player. Evans is right now must be suffering from very low confidence, and this combined with his poor form makes a bad combination. A time away from the first team is probably the best possible solution for him, and Sir Alex is the best man to help him get back to his best!

People who claim that he should be sold, or isn’t good enough for United need to get a grip of themselves!! It’d be stupid to say Jonny isn’t a quality player after his consistent displays last season; he’s achieved a lot more than many players would at his age and selling him just because he’s going through a bad patch is something Sir Alex would never do, if we did go around doing that, then we might as well have sold Carrick, Ando and Nani a few seasons ago? Especially the likes of Ando and Nani, who did much worse than Jonny has ever done, along with poor performances, both went against Sir Alex, disobeyed him, etc. but he still kept faith with them and they are now repaying his trust with great performances.

The one thing that Evans has that spending several millions on a player won’t help us get, Loyalty and dedication to the club. Coming through our academy he has the qualities required to be a  Red Devil drilled into him from his youth and he has shown all the signs of a player who will go on to play for us the rest of his career, a one club man and maybe also become the club captain one day!

I don’t know about other fans but I still believe that Jonny will play out his career with us and also form a formidable defensive partnership with Chris Smalling. Jonny might not be at his best now, but sticking with him through these bad times is the best thing that the club can do for him, and he will return a better player from this experience.


saurjk said...

great write... completely agree with the point.. last season.. he was a rock... not only the last season.. the season before the games he played.. he played superb... now... he is definitely frustrating of lot of people... however... selling is never and option... especially in this time ... where astronomical figures are paid for most players....

evans will be a very gud player for us one day... but we will definitely have to wait for that day...

Lunga said...

I'm a fan of the lad and think he should be played back into form. He still has time on his side. Rio's game time will probably decrease next season. To form some consistency at the back, Sir Alex will look to Jonny or Chris. They're both classy defenders who will play a big role in the future success of the club.

LB - Fabio
CB - Jonny
CB - Chris
RB - Rafael

That'll be the back four in about 5 years time.

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