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Why we don't use the word "Man U"

Sid Thursday, January 20, 2011

The following  post was contributed by Kratik and was taken from his blog. Its a must know for all Manchester United fans, especially who might still be clueless why use of the term Man U as a name for the club is a Sin!!

It often has got my blood boiling; at times so much that its effect has affected me majorly and left me with a feeling of rage. 

It’s a sickening sight in its own when a bunch of wannabes and glory hunters having the slightest idea of the history of the greatest football club to have ever taken birth, say, “I’m a Man U fan, which club do you support?” 

Confused, as to what difference a name makes? 

Let me explain… 

The history of Manchester United being called “Man U” goes all way the back to the times of the Busby Babes. 

Busby Babes were United’s home grown players under the great Sir Matt Busby. They were so good that they defied the British logics and became the first team in England, worthy of competing in Europe and challenging for the highest European footballing honors. 

Right from Sir Bobby Charlton (no description needed) to Roger Bryne (the club captain then) to Tommy Taylor to Duncan Edwards, that side had flair, class, creativity, vision and more than anything a fantastic mixture of youth and experience. Duncan Edwards was regarded as the best right back in the world and had already won eighteen caps for England at a tender footballing age of 21. 

The 1958 season was in progress and the Busby Babes had beaten Red Star Belgrade in the quarter finals of the European Cup. As they were on their way back to England after another triumph, their plane attempted two take offs before crashing on the third try. 

The crash claimed 23 lives, including those of eight players – Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Billy Whelan – and several more were injured. On one hand, there were these United fans who were moaning; on the other, the fans of the rival clubs, cracking jokes and mocking about the incident. 

One of the first chants that emerged was “Duncan Edward is ManUre, rotting in his grave, man you are ManUre, rotting in your grave.” 

Later chants mocking the tragedy went “Man U, Man U, went on a plane. Man U Man U never came home again.” Or 

“Man U Never Intended Coming Homing” (Combine the first letter of each word you will get MUNICH) 

 Man U is directly linked to Duncan Edwards and ManUre. It’s so sad and needs to be corrected. So, if you are a United fan, please respect the history, respect the tradition, respect the club, respect us, respect United! 

 United for ever and always, 

United for life 

 Love Kratik


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