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It’s a team effort!

Sid Monday, January 17, 2011

After the Tottenham game, many people were praising Vidic for his great performance, and he really deserved it. He had kept Crouch quiet the entire game, made several crucial interceptions and dominated in the air. But Vida couldn’t have done this all by himself, and he had bunch of world class defenders alongside him, ensuring that we kept a clean sheet.

Even though Rafael got sent off, he had performed quite well till then. The red card was really uncalled for, a poor decision on the referee’s part. Rafael has been a revelation this season; he has improved a lot, and is easily our best right back. He seems to have learnt from past mistakes and become a better player in the process, his current level consistency and performance is exceptional for a player who is only 20.

Evra might not have really stood out last night but he’s also a key part of our defense that has been in great form so far this season, probably the best left back in the game at the moment, he’s a pivotal part of our great defense. Though for me the biggest factor in the great performances in defense has to be the return to form and fitness of Rio Ferdinand. Many had written him off after last season, but since his return has been a lynchpin at the back alongside Vida.

Last season, Rio struggled to play a stretch of games as he was plagued with injuries, culminating with him missing the World Cup with a knee Injury. Most of the media had written him off as someone past their best and also an injury prone player. But Rio has since returned from injury as good as was, reigniting his partnership with Vidic at the back; a partnership that is easily among the best, if not the best in the world.
Sir Alex’s decision to make Vidic the captain might not have been a very popular decision at the time, but it has turned out be another slice of genius from Fergie, as it seems to have brought the best out of Vida and also ensured that he remained at Old Trafford for the near future.

If we have to finish the season unbeaten then it’s pivotal that the all of the back four, especially Vida and Rio play almost every game. And if we go on win the title this season and remain unbeaten in the process, most of the credit has to go to our back four, who have been excellent after an initial stutter.

No single player can ensure that team keeps a clean sheet every game; It’s the entire team that must work together to ensure that they perform their duties well, and cover for each other when required And our defense is a perfect example of a team of players who understand each other well and ensure that the team has a solid base that they can depend on. A base solid enough to bolster our quest to return the premier league title where it belongs!


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