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Balotelli: How long will Mancini protect him?

Sid Sunday, April 17, 2011

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say City deserved to win the match last night and were the better team on the night. So they deserve congratulations for their victory but also being winner’s means their players also show some respect to their opponents and their fans. So I don’t understand what made Balotelli think it would be a brilliant Idea to try and rile up United players and fans!

I don’t think anyone at City can justify what Balotelli did after the game, if he did what he did during a celebration of a goal it’s understandable as it could have been in the heat of the moment, but after the game is over, when it’s time to be proud winners and respectful to your opponents, he first went towards the United section of the crowd to brandish the club’s badge and jersey at them, taunting them after what was a bitter defeat to swallow.

Anderson reacted by pushing Balotelli away, Rio also took exception to Balotelli’s actions and a scuffle began, which required David Platt and Roberto Mancini to separate the players. After all this Balotelli has the audacity to wink at Rio Ferdinand while walking away! Luckily for Balotelli Rio walked away, when anyone else would have socked him on the jaw, something he truly deserved!

This isn’t the first time that Balotelli has been in the news for the wrong reasons; it has been so for almost all his career, in fact, in the past few weeks itself Balotelli has caused more trouble than most professional footballers would do in their entire career! First he got himself sent off for a Karate kick on Goran Popov in the Europa league, which eventually led to City getting eliminated from the competition as they couldn’t upturn a 2-0 deficit, then few days later he was caught throwing darts at City’s youth team players from a first floor window, for which he was fined 2 week’s wages. A slap on the wrist at most for a player earning so much!

The FA banned Wayne Rooney for 2 matches for swearing on camera after scoring a goal. And a lot of ruckus was created about why Rooney should be banned and so on. Anyway all that is in the past, and I guess the main reason Rooney was banned was for showing disrespect to the fans and behavior not considered right for a professional footballer. Now, a look at the Balotelli incident and I’m sure any sane person would agree how much more worse his actions were!

The Balotelli incident could have had repercussions that could have been much worse! The fact that he did it in the FA cup semi-final, which was a derby between two of the biggest rivals in English football, could have set off a riot in the stadium had more people taken notice of it. It would be like a Madrid player going to Barca fans and showing his badge and taunting them during the El Classico!

How the FA reacts to the incident and whether it brings down any sanctions on Balotelli is something to wait and watch. Mike Dean had a wonderful game yesterday and he got almost all his decisions right yesterday, but how he reports the incident with Balotelli will be the cynosure of all eyes. It would be sacrilege if he isn’t punished at all.

I don’t know what Balotelli was thinking when he did that, but then I doubt he really ever thinks. He just ruined a perfectly good result for City, Mancini didn’t really comment on the incident yesterday, but for how long will he keep backing Balotelli and his silly antics? All he’s really doing is giving Balotelli the idea that he’s so good that he can get away with anything, in truth Balotelli has achieved zero both on and off the pitch.


Abhinav C.J. said...

As I read about the post game reactions, I also read that City fans were chanting about the Munich air crash. Now why don't you celebrate your victory instead of mocking the dead? Absolute lack of class...

Last night was not a good night, but let's face it - City wanted it more than us & they were the better team. We paid the price for Berba not putting away the chances into goals & so we lost deservedly. We missed Rooney's brilliance but also the battering ram called Darren Fletcher. I now just hope that Bolton reach the final & beat City.

On a positive note, one fixture less in our already cramped up schedule, so cheer up Red Devils! We've still got the European Double to go for.


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