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A look at Rooney’s ban and possible positives from it.

Sid Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I’m not being crazy when I say we shouldn’t be overly worried about Wayne’s ban. Rooney’s return to form has been coming for the past few weeks where we have seen sparks of brilliance from him, and the goal spree finally came against West Ham, where he brought us back from 2-0 down to a earn us a victory worthy of champions!

His actions during the celebration for the 3rd goal can’t be condoned but I do understand it fully! He’s probably one of the most hated players in the premier league outside Old Trafford right now, so with the abuse he receives every game, it’s understandable that he let rip in such an emotionally charged game! Only if the FA had enough sense to see that even he is human after all! so it does happen sometime, so a warning at most would have been fair. plus it’s not as if his exact words were something so sensitive that no one has heard before and that it hurt people’s sentiments?!

Whether Rooney’s appeal is successful or not is something we’ll know by tomorrow hopefully and if the FA does have any common sense left in them then I think they will rescind this pathetic excuse for a punishment and worry about the more pressing challenges facing English football.

I do think there are positives to be taken from this ban too, and also I really don’t think we should be worried if Rooney does end up missing 3 games. Here’s my summary of the positives I see and why we shouldn’t really be worried about the ban:

  • Rooney’s ban means he will remain fresh for the Champions league return leg against Chelsea at Old Trafford. Nothing better than have your best striker fresh, fit and in top form.
  • Rooney’s ban means that a certain forgotten Bulgarian, who also happens to be the top scorer in the Premier League, should finally get a start, and if he does find form it gives us even more venom in attack!
  • Well this could go either way, but I think the ban would have infuriated Rooney, and what better game to take out the anger and sense of injustice than with a great performance in the Champions League against Chelsea.
  • It would be daft to think that we got so far this season because of Rooney alone! He’s been pretty much a peripheral figure this season, only coming to the forefront in the past few weeks. So all this media hype about how much we’ll miss Rooney is rubbish! Manchester United are a team, not dependent on one player every game to get results, unlike certain other so called “teams”, where one injury basically derails their title challenge. This season has so far seen someone rise to challenge when needed, be it Berbatov, Hernandez, Vidic, Smalling or Nani. We’ve always had someone rise to the occasion and inspire the team.
  • The upcoming fixtures for which he is banned are relatively easy games which shouldn't really worry us. We   face Fulham (H), Manchester City (N) and Newcastle (A) without Rooney. I don’t see any match in there that should truly worry us, and the more important games against the big teams are actually coming only in May, and we should be fine till then.

I’m not clutching at straws when I say we shouldn't be too worried about Wazza being banned, and hopefully I’ll be proved right over the next few weeks. For now, all we can do is look forward to tonight’s game against Chelsea and cheer United to victory!


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