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Could going for Sneijder or Modric be the wrong move?

Sid Saturday, June 25, 2011

The signings of Ashley Young and Phil Jones might have provided cover and strengthened the wings and defense but one position that everyone wants to see a new player is Central Midfield, with the likes of Luka Modric and Wesley Sneijder linked to us over the past few weeks, the anticipation of seeing a big name CM join is building.

But is trying to find a like for like replacement for Scholesy the solution here?

Creativity and accurate passing was what Scholes offered, other than of course his great tackling. But there were still times when our midfield did struggle and this was always put down to a lack of creativity in midfield, but I beg to differ. I think it is because we’re still to find a replacement for Roy Keane! And we should be looking for someone to replace him before replacing Scholesy.

Most of the matches where our midfield has struggled, including the Champions league final, have been when we haven’t been able to win possession from the opposition and when we do have it, retaining it. What we really need is a Defensive Midfielder, a person to step in to Roy Keane’s shoes, but that has been not so since he left. Hargreaves was starting to settle into that role before injuries ended his United career. We have been basically getting by with players playing in roles they are suited to play in.

If we do buy a DM, Why don’t we still need the likes of Modric or Sneijder?

Well for one their wages would be enormous and maybe buying them would be justified if we really needed them. but Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson are more than good enough to play the attacking midfielder role, especially since all our play doesn’t go through the middle but focuses a lot on the wings too, do we really need someone so attacking in midfield?

Carrick might not be one who can get stuck in or hassle opponents, but given space and time he is a master at distribution of passes. He ensures the ball is kept moving and maybe the reason he’s been struggling at times in midfield is that he had to play a more defensive role than he should be?

Fletcher might the nearest we have to a defensive midfielder but he too cannot be a midfield destroyer, he’s a box to box player, who makes late runs into the box, and is a good passer also, and can put in great crosses too. I think the attacking side of his game has been underestimated, and I think he has always been more effective going forward than staying deep.

Anderson is probably the nearest we have to Scholesy, but he is yet to justify his enormous talent. But the lack of positional sense and also no urge to get back and defend was always his undoing. But he has a thing for the spectacular passes, long balls and through balls from the half way line. Though most of them don’t come off, when they do, look brilliant. He’s greatest strength is making sudden runs with the ball, where he actually makes use of his quickness. But putting defensive duties on him could be why we see him make such runs so rarely.

With Cleverley also in the mix from this season, i don't thing we have a dearth of midfielders in the team who are good going forward.

What we need actually need is someone like Makelele or De Jong, someone who’s happy sitting deep and winning the ball back from the opposition. Having such a player alongside them gives the rest of the midfield confidence going forward and not having to worry about getting caught out of position.

Sir Alex is yet to buy a central midfielder, and among the Transfer targets rumoured to join Manchester United are the likes of Luka Modric and Wesley Sneijder, but I really hope we instead go for someone like Lassana Diarra, Yves M’Vila, etc. Because there’s no point signing a brilliant attack midfielder if they’re never going to get the ball!


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