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South American Starlets - Neymar

Gonzalo Maldonado Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is start of a new series of articles on the blog, with the aim of giving the readers an idea of South American players who might be setting Europe alight in the near future So to kick the series off, we shall present you with probably the most known wonderkid of the continent: Neymar.

Name: Neymar da Silva
Age: 19
Height: 1.74m (5 ft 9 in)
Position: Winger, Striker.

The 19 year old striker has been consistently linked with a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid. Unlike almost any top-class player around the globe, United haven’t been linked with the Brazilian starlet.

You may wonder what all the fuss about Neymar is. If you haven’t had the chance to see him play, then you’re missing a joy to watch, he plays on the left flank but tends to cut inside. Like almost any Brazilian attacking player, flair is one of his main characteristics. He is very skillful on the ball, and with his tricks and speed, he can tear defenses apart (do watch his goal last week against Ronaldinho’s Flamengo, a joy to behold).

At the age of only 19, he has already played for the national team, being one of Brazil’s key players at the recently concluded Copa América. However, things didn’t go as expected, with Neymar failing to shine and only scoring two goals (against Ecuador, who ended last in that group). Having played for only a couple of years, his goal record is outstanding considering he is your typical poacher or natural goal scorer. At Santos he has scored an amazing 68 goals in 133 games, some of which have helped his team to continental glory by winning the Copa Libertadores (América’s Champions League).

However, one negative aspect of Neymar is that he can sometimes dive – in excess. We are all acquainted with the shenanigans of certain Barca players, especially Busquets, Pedro, Villa and Alves (I hope I am not missing anyone). Ney,ar similar to the above mentioned people is at times more worried about exaggerating and diving than helping his team score goals. His indiscipline has been counterproductive to his team several times, earning him an early shower!

Would he fit at United?
I seriously doubt that. One would say any talented player can fit at great clubs with great players to play with, but considering we have already bought Ashley Young to play on the left flank, and that we have two other world-class wingers in Valencia and Nani, plus having 7 strikes in the squad makes Neymar’s capture highly unlikely, if not impossible. In addition to this, the forward’s price tag will surely dissuade Sir Alex Ferguson, who knows in case we do bring someone in, the main target will be a central midfielder.

Player Summary-


Tendency to Dive
Selfish Play

Talent: 9/10

Neymar is possibly one of the best talents to emerge from Brazil in quite a while, and don't be surprised if the next big buy in European Football is this youngster. A move to Europe is sure to be on the cards with several football giants like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Milan ,etc linked with a move for the Striker. If he continues to improve his game and fulfill his potential, he's sure to be a household name very soon!


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