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Manchester Derby - A Chalkboard Analysis

Sid Monday, October 24, 2011

We have a special tactical analysis of Manchester Derby from the editor of one of my favorite Football blogs around The False 9.

The 161st Manchester derby was one of the most horrifying experiences ever for me as a Manchester United fan. Completely ripped apart and ruthlessly punished the Red Devils have a lot to do if they have to retain the title.

Of course tactically the game changed totally after Jonny Evans was sent off, but having said that United didn’t create any good chances even when they were 11v11. A lack of a world class midfielder is quite obvious when on the opposite side you have got someone like David Silva stamping his authority all over the match.

Manchester United had no answer to David Silva

David Silva was all over the place, from the heat map we can see that his presence was equal all over the center of the park.This season Silva has been in terrific form,and the only match where he was quite was against Everton where Jack Rodwell was man marking him. Ferguson should have showed a bit more respect to him and asked either Fletcher or Anderson to close him down and let Rooney play the playmaker role.

James Milner has Reinvented himself

After the City’s spending this season, one wouldn’t have expected James Milner to be an integral part of their squad this season. But Milner is as important to City as Silva is, his defensive work and team ethics enable Silva to play a free role.His runs forwards caught United by surprise as both of his assists came when his runs weren’t checked .Another interesting thing to note is, one of his assists was from the right and the other was from the left.

De Gea A Very Good Distributor

Nothing much to say here,De Gea embodies the Spanish spirit with his reluctance to kick the ball forward into the opposition half where as Joe Hart a typical English Goalkeeper likes to kick it long and high.

Gareth Barry And Yaya Toure had excellent games

Gareth Barry and Yaya Toure though both weren’t much involved in the attacking play had excellent games, keeping their passing short and tidy. Barry missed only three of his passes and their defensive work didn’t allow United the space to create. Rooney Especially was stifled as he dropped deeper and deeper trying to create something.

Overall this was a day to forget for all the Manchester United fans, City certainly aren’t 5 goals better than United but are in prime form at the moment and certainly the best team in England. Central Midfield is a big problem for United and it has been for a couple of season now, Ryan Giggs’s excellent showing last season papered over the cracks but United desperately need a David Silva in there.

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